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She has been teaching and performing music full-time for more than 17 years. For many professional musicians, teaching music is an ideal side job to have while still pursuing your creative goals. Beyond making money, teaching may also expand your fan base! Many of my students and their families come to my shows.

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The best part, though? Teaching private music lessons allows you to create your own schedule. Here are some tips that have helped me balance a busy performance schedule with teaching on the side: 1.

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Align yourself with a reputable service to help you market yourself. I work with  TakeLessons.

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They handle the marketing side of my business, to help me find new singing, piano, guitar, and songwriting students. I can also arrange in advance to have no students when I am touring out of town.

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With music services like these, you can also offer online lessons, which I recommend. By doing so, you can expand your roster beyond your hometown. You may hogyan lehet pénzt keresni menetrend skills to offer as a teacher that your students cannot get locally.

There are also local music schools and after-hours programs at schools and universities where you can teach classes.

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You can sometimes find hogyan lehet pénzt keresni menetrend by posting on Craigslist or on your local neighborhood online bulletin board, like Nextdoor. Encourage happy clients to post reviews on Yelp, since people use that site to help them make purchasing decisions. Make sure to schedule your own practice time and touring time from the beginning.

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I like to get at least an hour of singing and piano playing in before I start teaching, so I schedule students from noon to 9 pm. Usually I have breaks during the day for lunch and dinner and some further practicing. If I have gigs out of town, I ask my students if they would like a make-up lesson either before or afterwards if their lessons fall during my tour dates.

Similarly, make sure to schedule one or two days completely off from teaching, practicing, and performing. Your creative self and your physical self will fare much better when you schedule in some down time.

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Offer performance opportunities to earn more. I put on a spring recital and a fall recital at my studio, and at Christmas we go to a local nursing home and perform for the residents. Performing is a valuable musical skill for all students to learn!

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Think about teaching as an investment in your own skills, too. You may find, like me, that teaching music not only helps your students, but it helps your own music practice.

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For example, you might end up describing ways of practicing that are even more creative and worthwhile than you used before! Teaching music has been a great way for me to earn income while still performing and doing what I love.

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You, too, probably have a ton to offer aspiring musicians! Keep these tips in mind, and you can build a successful studio and make a difference in the lives of many students.

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Learn more about how TakeLessons can help you build your teaching studio, and create your profile instantly!