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The contradictory results came about because young people at the time used platforms that offered the opportunity to communicate with strangers e.

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Opportunities for anonymous communication confessions, anonymous reporting to the police, radio call-in shows used to be few and far between, but the internet offers endless opportunities for such communication. Many empirical studies have shown the negative psychological consequences of anonymity, such as a decreased level of responsibility and selfcontrol, disinhibition, and an increase in aggression Christopherson, Furthermore, without non-verbal signs, social information is poor, it is easier to misinterpret situations and other people, and communication is less personal, which can lead to conflicts Short et al.

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According to this theory, in an online context individual aspects of the identity are less available, and therefore people become more sensitive to social norms, so that anonymity leads to depersonalization. However, as personal signs of identity are more complex and more difficult to communicate and perceive, perception of individual differences is diminished, more attention is given to similarities than to differences, and therefore information about the social context becomes more important.

The social aspect of self-categorization becomes salient for social identity that helps identification with the group, making the role of group norms more significant as well.

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We can conclude from the above that the online world can be conceptualized as an alternative social space, so it is particularly suitable for pénz bumeráng a bináris opciókról current concepts, theories, and techniques of psychology. But research on the internet is not without challenges, mainly due to its ever-changing nature.

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For example, by the time an initial theoretical framework of anonymous online communication was developed, anonymous social networking sites started to dominate the online world. Psychological research of the internet can be organized along several dimensions. First of all, there are studies that attempt to compare online and offline reality.

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In the understanding of this line of work, cross cultural psychology can serve as an obvious analogy, as the primary task for this discipline is the mapping of similarities and differences between cultures. The first type of internet studies also try to explicitly compare the two spheres, revealing their interconnectedness and mutual influence.

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The other type is more similar to cultural psychology, as it concentrates on specific online social phenomena. Although this approach also contains some comparisons, the focus of research is on revealing the unique features of the online social context. Bináris opciók egy demo számlán aspect of classification can be whether the phenomena are studied on the individual, interpersonal, inter group, or societal level.

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