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Mike nádkereskedelem. Uj Idők Lexikona Lazacfélék - Nád (Budapest, ) | Arcanum Digitális Tudománytár

Some monarch butterflies fly south for the winter, but Monty the Monarch Butterfly stops to see Baby Bop again. He seems lonely after his friends have flown away.

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BJ and Riff join the group at this point. Barney explains that butterflies migrate to Mexico and suggests that he, Emma, and the other dinos should travel to Mexico. Baby Bop initially suggests against this, but decides to go along with the plan.

Uj Idők Lexikona Lazacfélék - Nád (Budapest, ) | Arcanum Digitális Tudománytár

Using the Travel Book and a little imagination, they travel to Mexico and meet Fernan and Amorita, who happens to be Emma's penpal. Baby Bop brings Monty along for the ride and is anxious about the fact they might have to separate ways.

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During the vacation, Barney and his friends explore the Mexican culture and the Fiesta from delicious food, the arts, a butterfly dance parade to a piñata game. After seeing a group of monarch butterflies mike nádkereskedelem around, Baby Bop realizes that Monty would be happier with his friends.

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She is really sad about it, and Barney helps her feel a bit better about losing her monarch butterfly friend. Amorita promises mike nádkereskedelem keep an eye on Monty, and the fiesta starts up once again.

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