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Outlook Stable. The ratings reflect the group's large EUR6.

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Shopping centres in Lithuania that reopened in April and centres in Poland that will re-open on 4 May will, if maintained, aid their retail tenants, although the impact from potential tenant defaults and on NEPI's rental income when re-leasing takes place is less certain.

Fitch forecasts NEPI's leverage to remain below the negative rating sensitivity at 8x indespite its assumptions for a three-month loss of rent from non-trading tenants, followed by a slow recovery in In most countries, non-essential shops have been closed and only food stores, pharmacies and parapharmacies can operate.

Fitch believes that prolonged closures will pressure retail tenants and some of them may forex nyitó órák kungsgatan survive, despite governments' offered aid.

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Even when trading restrictions are lifted, the general economic downturn may cause the rebound in retailers' sales to pre-crisis levels to take longer than expected.

Fitch believes that this bleak prospect will result in weaker demand for retail space, leading to higher vacancies and lower rents.

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Pressure on Tenants: NEPI's regionally dominant shopping centres host only a limited share of tenants who are exempt from shop opening restrictions. The remaining rent is due from tenants whose shops are currently closed.

These non-trading tenants are more likely to suffer from liquidity issues and potential tenant defaults, despite forms of government support in some countries. NEPI's large share of larger tenants, who are more likely to have the financial flexibility to better cope with a loss of revenue, will support its rental collection.

Weaker prospects for retail during the period of a weak economic recovery following the lockdown measures may put pressure on NEPI's kereskedési robot utána metrics in the short- to medium-term.

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We expect retail landlords, including NEPI, to concentrate on preserving occupancy to maintain retail vitality at its shopping centres and to be able to sustain footfall and tenant sales. This may come at the expense of delayed or even falling rents.

Tenants with euro-denominated rents in countries such as Romania, Poland or Hungary will be under additional pressure as rents become less affordable if the recent weakness in local currencies remains. This is well within Fitch's negative rating sensitivity of 8. In and leverage is projected to recover and stay around 5. Actual leverage will forex nyitó órák kungsgatan depending on the length and severity of the lockdown restrictions, the resilience of the tenant base, and the scope of measures to preserve cash such as curtailing capex, reducing non-essential operating expenses and adjusting dividends.

The resulting financial profile is stronger than Atrium's and Globalworth's.

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However, the majority of Atrium's assets are located in countries rated 'A-' and above, whereas the lower average country risk rating of NEPI's exposure is more similar to that of Globalworth.

In subsequent years, rental income may be lower because of several factors, including the resilience of the tenant mix, which takes into account whether tenants will recover some sales or whether they have permanently lost sales; retailers that are vulnerable to insolvency; property companies with high exposure to lease expiries in and that may see lower rents due to weaker market conditions; and retail portfolios with a high occupancy cost ratio and high rents that are more vulnerable to the weaker retailer environment.

Dividends: Many companies have announced the cancellation of the latest quarterly dividend payment. This conserves cash.

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Fitch has assumed over EUR million in dividends in Capex: For liquidity and practical purposes, most property companies' capex has been, or will be, curtailed, and development projects deferred.

Fitch has assumed a lower capex of around EUR forex nyitó órák kungsgatan in for NEPI, although the company has significant flexibility to reduce this figure further. The complete span of best- and worst-case scenario credit ratings for all rating categories ranges from 'AAA' to 'D'. Best- and worst-case scenario credit ratings are based on historical performance.

The remaining maturities are comfortably covered by readily available cash and committed available bank lines. This means ESG issues are credit-neutral or have only a minimal credit impact on the entity ieseither due to their nature or to the way in which they are being managed by the entity ies. Copyright © by Fitch Ratings, Inc.

Telephone: Fax: forex nyitó órák kungsgatan Reproduction or retransmission in whole or in part is prohibited except by permission.

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All rights reserved. In issuing and maintaining its ratings and in making other reports including forecast informationFitch relies on factual information it receives from issuers and underwriters and from other sources Fitch believes to be credible.

Fitch conducts a reasonable investigation of the factual information relied upon by it in accordance with its ratings methodology, and obtains reasonable verification of that information from independent sources, to the extent such sources are available for a given security or in a given jurisdiction.

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Users of Fitch's ratings and reports should understand that neither an enhanced factual investigation nor any third-party verification can ensure that all of the information Fitch relies on in connection with a rating or a report will be accurate and complete. Ultimately, the issuer and its advisers are responsible for the accuracy of the forex nyitó órák kungsgatan they provide forex nyitó órák kungsgatan Fitch and to the market in offering documents and other reports.

In issuing its ratings and its reports, Fitch must rely on the work of experts, including independent auditors with respect forex nyitó órák kungsgatan financial statements and attorneys with respect to legal and tax matters. Further, ratings and forecasts of financial and other information are inherently forward-looking and embody assumptions and predictions about future events that by their nature cannot be verified as facts. As a result, despite any verification of current facts, ratings and forecasts can be affected by future events or conditions that were not anticipated at the time a rating or forecast was issued or affirmed.

The information in this report is provided "as is" without any representation or warranty of any kind, and Fitch does not represent or warrant that the report or any of its forex nyitó órák kungsgatan will meet any of the requirements of a recipient of the report.

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